Getting Started

Are you trying indoor cycling for the first time? Or a seasoned veteran? At PedalBar, we want everyone to have a stress-free experience. All our classes can be easily booked in minutes on our website or in person at the Studio.

Is it your First Time?

If you are trying indoor cycling for the first time, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class so that we can check you in, introduce you to your instructor, help set up your bike and get you ready for your work out!

At PedalBar, one class equals one credit and we offer you the flexibility of choosing either membership option (buying a pack of credit) or an individual pay-as-go option. It is that easy. To book a class, you must first buy credits from the “Buy Credits” section of our website.

With the membership credits, you can choose the pack that suits you depending on how many days a week you wish to ride. As an added bonus, if you buy credits at a number of classes but wish to increase the number of times you ride per week, you can buy additional credits at your discounted locked-in rate!

We understand that Lagos is not easy, and if flexibility is your game, then we’ve got you covered. You can just simply buy your credits whenever you are ready to ride! Our credit bundles do expire, and in order to feel and see the benefits of your workout, we encourage you to come as often as you can

It’s easy to book a class with us and the best way to do so is online!

First, you have to register or log into our website and buy the credit you need to book a class. Then, you choose a class from the schedule on the website and follow the steps using the credits you have to book your class selection. As soon as you have made your selection, you shall receive an email from us confirming  that your seat has been booked. Our booking window opens every Sunday at noon for the upcoming week. We recommend that you book as early as you can to guarantee a spot.

If your favorite class is fully booked, you may call the studio and request to be placed on the studio wait-list. We shall assign you seats as they are available before class begins on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If it’s your first time please make sure you arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your class, so that we can check you in, show you around the studio and get you set up to enjoy your first PedalBar workout. If you’ve been before, we recommend that you check in at the Studio five minutes before the class starts to allow you get ready for your class. Five minutes before the class starts we will open up any available spaces to the walk-in wait-list. 

If a class is full when you try to book your class, you can call or text the Studio to let us know you want to be added to the wait-list. Once placed on the Studio wait-list, make sure to arrive at the studio at least 5 mins before your desired class is scheduled to start.  All available seats will be allocated five minutes before class on a first-come first-serve basis.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to make it to a class that you have booked, that’s okay. We know life in Lagos can get hectic and sometimes you won’t be able to make it to a class you have booked. If you cannot make it to a class you’ve already booked, we ask that you cancel your booking at least 12 hours before the class. This is to ensure that we are able to reassign the seat to someone else, particularly someone who is on wait-list. If you cancel your booking before the 12 hour cancellation window, your credit for the class will automatically be returned to your account.

If you cancel your class in less than the 12 hour cancellation window, your credit will be forfeited.


Our classes are suitable for all ability and experience levels. If it is your first time at PedalBar, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class and let the front desk know it is your first time. We want to you feel like you are a part of the family from your very first step into the studio and to provide you with all the support you need to make each class awesome!

We trust that your debut ride will be the first of many as you pedal into fitness. We encourage you to ride with us at least three times a week to maximize the overall benefits you will experience as you change your fitness narrative.

We will also have intro classes and theme rides as the year rolls by so if you are new, we recommend that you keep an eye out for those on the schedule!

We want everyone to have the best ride possible and so, we have put together a code of ethics based on simple ground rules of courtesy and good behavior.

Every PedalBar rider must commit to:

    1. Signing a Waiver: All riders are required to fill out a Waiver Form before their first ride. The front desk will set you up with a form to fill when you first check in at the studio. The parent or guardian of riders 18 years and under, must sign the Waiver form in person at the Studio.
    2. Arriving on time for classes: Riders should arrive on time for classes. Late comers will not be admitted after a 10 minute grace period once the class has started.
    3. Not using phones during the ride: Your ride is the time to unplug from the hustle and bustle of Lagos living and just focus on yourself and let your brain breathe. All cellphones must be stowed away and placed on silent or mute during the ride.
    4. Keeping hydrated – before, during and after class: Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is very important as we sweat and go hard on each ride. We will provide you with a bottle of water at the Studio and recommend that you drink at least a litre of water before your ride.
    5. Fueling properly before each ride: we recommend fruit and a little bit of protein at least 30 minutes before each ride.